Thursday, November 3, 2011

Publishing Update.

While I'm waiting for one final pic of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers Halloween Bash in order to post about it, I thought I'd provide the latest info regarding recently published works by yours truly.

Last week was a good one for me as far as published stories goes. I had three things become available by week's end.

First came "Midnight Service," which is available in the Open Casket Press anthology, Dead Christmas. It's the tale of a hapless pizza delivery guy who is captured and forced to watch as an insane minister's equally insane plan to resurrect his savior using black magic unfolds on Christmas Eve.

Next came "Flame1o1," which can be accessed and read for free at The Horror Zine. It's the tale of an internet message board debate that turns into something otherworldly and deadly. Feedback on this one is that it's even creepier than I'd hoped.

Finally, "Across the Pond," a story I wrote quite some time ago, arrived contained within the GLAHW anthology Erie Tales: Tales of the Apocalypse. This is my heavy-handed social commentary piece about a young boy whose callous decision creates a ripple effect of disaster for civilization.

Last week stated out so slowly and a few recent rejections had put me into a bit of a fog, so it was nice to get the triple whammy.

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