Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Another novelist. Of course, it needs another alternative rock band or rapper even less, and for every one of me there must be a hundred of them. So to hell with those who think there are too many writers. Besides, if all else fails with novels, I hear government pamphlets are rather lucrative.

In case you're wondering, I do indeed have a novel coming out. It is called "Dreamers at Infinity's Core" and it not self-published. Not that there's anything wrong with self-publishing, at least on the surface. Still, there is a certain stigma associated with it; most notably the idea that the authors of these books weren't "good enough" to get published by an actual publisher. This is often true, of course, but not always. Many of these writers are similar to the surprisingly good community theater actor you saw last year: Excellent and skilled, but unable to find their audience.

Yes, even in the case of courting publishers, there must be an audience. Editors are readers too and they demand even more from written material they have to read in order to receive their paychecks than the average consumer who pays for them. If that sounds arrogant as hell, it is, but it is also not without its validity.

I have been fortunate enough to hook up with a small publisher formed by a writing workshop with an eye toward providing exposure to writers who no longer have to struggle with blindly submitting work to the Big Boys & Girls in hopes of getting noticed and treated fairly, if that comes to pass.

Hopefully in the months and (shudder) years to come, this blog will become home to an established writer with more than one book behind him. My publisher has already guaranteed me six books and an opportunity to dabble in other forms of writing (more on that later) so it's a good bet you won't be kickin' me outta bed for a while yet.

So, welcome and thank you for surrendering to infinity. You won't be sorry.

(Coming up next- an excerpt from the novel whorishly mentioned above)