Saturday, May 30, 2015

Reprinted Short Story

"The Party," which first appeared here   and was pretty much slammed by this guy  but deemed worthy of reprinting by these good folks is available in the anthology pictured below:

It can be purchased here.

Monday, May 4, 2015

First Time Available on Kindle!

There was even talk of adapting this one into a short film at one point.

This was/is probably my most twisted and bizarre story to date. Originally published in 2011 by the tragically defunct Static Movement Press, "Toilet Bums" is a novella focusing on childhood fears being realized in the form of hideous creatures living in our sewers.

The best part about the title is it's absolutely hilarious to English-speaking people outside of the U.S., where a bum is what they call a posterior. Here, bums are what we call filthy, no good scoundrels.

Priced at a mere $2.99, this is about as dark and disturbing as a Nadeau joint gets!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Latest Short Story

Fresh off the heels of the Kindle release of my novella, "Bill's Little Friend" comes this recently completed and accepted "flash fiction" piece titled "Open Door Policy." The story appears in the latest ish of Beyond Science Fiction, a monthly online publication of quality featuring kick-ass covers by the quiet yet dangerous Larry Lonsby, Jr.

Some may remember his cover for my second novel, Kaiju, which was published by Source Point Press.

This is, I believe, my third time appearing in this zine and I couldn't be happier to once again be working with them.

Here's the Beyond Science Fiction so you may drool:

Excerpt from the magazine - "From the Editor's Desk":
Open Door Policy by Christopher Nadeau is a super short piece, though it evokes a sense of horror rarely found in flash fiction.