Thursday, April 30, 2015

New (Never Before Published) Novella Release!

Now live on Kindle...My long-ago written but never published novella about workplace weirdoes and the disembodied, parasitic entities that inhabit their bodies and direct their actions. Yes, that old chestnut.

"Bill's Little Friend" is something I wrote when I was much younger, so even though this final version is the fifth draft, the spirit of younger-me is still very much present in its plot and action.

This story is currently exclusive to Kindle.

Click here to order yours today and don't forget to leave comments whether good or bad :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

When You Feel Dumber than a Linguistic Genius.

We all make mistakes. Even Sara Palin does, and she's the smartest person in the world! The grizzly mom's vast intellectual prowess aside, I recently contacted the wrong editor about the wrong thing, only to realize too late that I'd actually done it once before, as the following email from the wonderful Brett Reistroffer of Bad Dream Entertainment will attest:

Hey Chris,

By any chance are you confusing email addresses/editors again? Because we haven't been accepting subs for a little bit now.

But since I have you, I'll give you a quick update. We're getting our annual antho together right now, which will feature 'The Love of a Good Entity'. We're shooting for a fall (Oct) release, and it's tentatively titled 'Dark Little Dreams'. I'll keep you, and the rest of the authors updated as things move along. In the meantime, you could send over your mailing address for the contributor copies, payment info (Paypal address or if you want checks I can use your mailing address), and an author bio if you want something other that what originally appeared with the story.

Thanks and talk to you soon,
Brett Reistroffer - Editor, Bad Dream Entertainment
I think "The Love of a Good Entity" is one of the best things I've ever written and I am proud to see it going from one published format to an actual collection.
So, despite being dumber than Sara Palin, it all worked out in the rear.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Superhero Meets Monster in the Anthology Everybody Should be Talking About.

So, this Emby Press anthology is coming out soon and it features possibly the best short story I've written in a while, "The Hero Disease."

Plot: Vanishing Act can teleport himself anywhere in the world. He uses his powers for good, but when he tries to create a coalition of other costumes heroes, a powerful creature appears to wipe the "infection" of heroism from the Earth. Now Vanishing Act must conquer his fear of this monster in one final battle that will determine the very definition of what makes us heroic.

More on this'n as it becomes available.