Friday, September 20, 2013

My Next Novel Revealed.

You might have seen the teaser image a while ago, but if you didn't, here it is again:

This cover was created by fantasy artist Larry Lonsby Jr. from an idea I had.

You might have wondered what exactly it was for (although the title of this post probably answered that question). Well, it's the cover to my next novel, to be released through Source Point Press.

Now, I present the back cover, which details the plot:

Word is the novel will be released at or around October 12th, in time for the ironically named Kaiju Festival. I'm thrilled to be working with Source Point on this one. More details as they materialize~

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

...And the positive reviews continue to roll in!

Before I unveil some pretty big news in the coming weeks, feel free to take a look at some of the positive reviews the Horror Zine anthology Shadow Masters has received, including my short story, "Willard Junction:"

From an Amazon reader.

From B&N:

Have read other Horror Zine anthologies, but this by far beats t
Have read other Horror Zine anthologies, but this by far beats them all.  Jeani Rector has lined up an amazing array of writers that blow my mind with the sheer talent.  By far my favorite story in the set in Shaun Meeks' Red Velvet.  The title brings to mind delicious cake, and who doesn't love cake?  But when you get into the story, the red velvet the main character enjoys is far from delicious and causes him a world of problems.  I loved the creature in this one, so vivid with the description.
The book is packed with great stories though and they are all new.  I loved the stories by Bentley Little, Lisa Morton, Christopher Nadeau, Ronald Malfi, Simon Clark, Jeani Rector, Christian A. Larsen and so many others.  The book is full of win and will leave you wanting more.  If you do want more, check out the recommendations I have added on the side.

There are more but I'm too tired to include them today~

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Something is coming! Keep your eyes on this blog for more information...

Monday, September 2, 2013

Farewell, Grandmaster.

We're losing them one after the other. Time and age are claiming them and soon none of them will be left.  I'm referring to the Grandmasters of Science Fiction, those authors whose indelible imprints are forever etched into a field that once struggled for validity.

Now Frederik Pohl has died. He was different from the other greats of SF for one main reason: I knew him.  More accurately, I spent two weeks with him and his wife Betty, along with a host of other aspiring writers, twice during the Nineties.

He was a kind and encouraging man with a rapier wit whose opinions were never condescending or cruel.  He seemed to take a genuine liking to me, especially during my second trip when I'd learned to stop taking myself so seriously. His sharp prose became an enormous influence while I was finding my voice and his flawless melding of science and fiction into stories about real people struggling to understand and survive the universe into which they'd been thrust cannot be over-stated.

At the age of 93, Frederik Pohl has departed us.  We are a colder, darker place because of it~