Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where you can read me right now:

Since I have several stories available right now in various formats, I figured it might be a good idea to provide a comprehensive listing for anyone interested in reading them:

* You can read my short story "Always Say Treat" for free in the April 2011 issue of The Horror Zine, where I also happen to be featured writer.

* My very short story "No More Goodbyes" is in the April-May 2011 issue of Sci-Fi Short Story Magazine, which is available for $9.95 in print edition or $1.00 for PDF download.

* You can still purchase copies of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers anthology Erie Tales: Saturday Evening Ghost, featuring my short story, "Rosa, Rosa Come Out of Your Room" priced at $16.95 for the print edition or $5.00 for the download.

* I currently have three stories available through Kindle for 99 cents each:
"In Green, Remembered"
"Destiny & Home-Made Apple Pie"
"The Sign-Maker"

* If you're into animated storytelling with depth and humor, you might want to take a look at the two machinima films I've collaborated on with UK-based uber-genius Celestial Elf:
"The Gift" and its moodier, more philosophical sequel, "The Deerhunter."

*And of course, there's my novel, "Dreamers at Infinity's Core," which Amazon can't seem to keep on its virtual shelves. If it's not in stock again, you may also purchase the book directly from my publisher.

Naturally, there are quite a few more on the way, not the least of which is the long-anticipated second installment in the "Infinity's Core" saga. I'll update those as they materialize. In the meantime, take a look at some reviews I've received based on the work mentioned above:

Feedback & Reviews:

Horror Zine editor Jeanni Rector called Always Say Treat "highly original."

Sci-Fi Short Story editor Craig Gehring siad of No More Goodbyes, "It gripped me from the start."

A reader on Amazon said of The Sign-Maker, "Christopher seems to have the extraordinary ability to quickly develop a character and draw us into his inner struggles in such a way that what happens next becomes urgently important to us."

Another Amazon reader called Destiny & Home-Made Apple Pie a "skillfully written and very engaging tale."

Dreamers at Infinity's Core has received an overwhelmingly positive response:

" I thoroughly enjoyed...Dreamers at Infinity's Core"- Kris Kelly, CW50 Detroit Community Affairs Manager

" Recommended for those who like to play with states of reality and those who like a good adventure." SFRevu

Amazon readers wrote:

"Dreamers moves effortlessly between humor and metaphysics - one minute you're laughing; the next, you're wondering what just happened. It's like The Neverending Story, with more swearing. "

"You won't want to put the book down when the chapter ends even if you are on your 15th cup of coffee trying to stay up and finish it."

"As a writer myself, who has wondered where my characters and their situations come from, I can attest that Mr. Nadeau articulates these thoughts and at the same time explains them and makes you wonder about even further possibilities."

" I'll have you know that the sheer awesomeness of this book has left me with a non-stop erection for the past three months..."

I did not make up that last one!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quote of the Month

Goes to Harlan Ellison, who so eloquently said to an annoying movie producer who kept trying to make him shoe-horn a ridiculous idea into his un-filmed script for the first Star Trek movie: "I'm a writer. I don't know what the fuck you are."

Monday, March 21, 2011

You Might Be Submitting Too Many Stories When...

You receive a rejection letter from a magazine you don't remember sending anything in at least two months! That's exactly what happened the other day when I opened my email and noticed the following message from an editor:

Christopher-- Thank you for your submission to [our publication]. Unfortunately, your story does not meet our needs at this time.

Fair enough. As I've written before, rejections are part of the process. And Lord knows I've received enough acceptances recently to weather the occasional perfunctory "no." However, this particular magazine hadn't received a submission from me since January and that story was roundly rejected; I have since gotten the impression they just aren't my market. Needless to say, I was a bit taken aback by this email and, initially, was ready to reply angrily. Instead, I waited a day and wrote the following:

Dear [Editor],
I am a bit confused. I haven't submitted anything to your publication since January and a rejection was already sent to me for that story. Would you happen to know which story this is supposed to be for? Sincerely, Christoper Nadeau

The editor's response was nice and seemed a bit sheepish. I appreciated it and was glad I hadn't given in to the Dark Side:

Across the Pond? I'm sorry if it was a duplicate, I got a note saying I hadn't responded.

Mystery solved. And it turned out the story in question was from even longer ago than I'd thought. I replied:

Oh wow that was quite a while back. I did receive a rejection but thanks for being thorough. Ironically, that story is slated to appear in an anthology sometime this summer. Thanks again. -Christopher Nadeau

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kind words & praise

A reader who recently finished by novel, "Dreamers at Infinity's Core," had many nice things to say about it including:

"Dreamers at Infinity's Core is quite unlike anything I've ever read before...The story of Ned and Ernie is not for the unimaginative. In fact, prepare to have your own wild imagination stretched just a bit further."

Another referred to it as "Inter-dimensional awesomeness!"

I also received positive reviews for a couple of my kindle formatted short stories. "The Sign-Maker," my tale of a grieving son's revenge against the medical industry, earned the following accolades from a reader:

Christopher seems to have the extraordinary ability to quickly develop a character and draw us into his inner struggles in such a way that what happens next becomes urgently important to us."

And my Depression-era tale of a woman whose choices may portend horrible consequences for the world and humanity, "Destiny & Home-made Apple Pie," earned the following:

"[a]skillfully written and very engaging tale then picks up supernatural undertones and blossoms into a thought provoking finale..."

Now, if I could only get one for "In Green, Remembered."

Also, don't forget to check out my short story "No More Goodbyes" in the current issue of Sci-Fi Short Story Magazine.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Quick List of Movies I Will Probably Never See

Without going into why, here's the list:

1. The Social Network
2. The Matrix Sequels
3. Pirates of the Caribbean Two, Three and the upcoming Fourth
4. Brokeback Mountain
5. The King's Speech
6. Shakespeare in Love
7. The Dark Knight Rises
8. 2012
9. The Bridges of Madison County
10. Another Avatar
11. Juno
12. Anything starring Jennifer Aniston
13. Dream Girls
14. Shrek
15. Terms of Endearment
16. Bend it Like Beckham
17. Slumdog Millionaire
18. Bull Durham
19. Hannah and her Sisters
20. Being John Malkovich

That's just off the top of my head. I'm sure more will occur to me~

Monday, March 7, 2011

My strangest short story

Is now available for download through Amazon Kindle. Click here and fee free to write a review.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My arrival on Amazon KIndle.

I decided to try my hand at the Kindle thing with a story I've found rather difficult to categorize for traditional submission. This is in no way me withdrawing from the traditional publishing world of print and "wait and see" submitting, merely a supplemental move. So, if you have a Kindle, which I don't, you may purchase this not-so-short-story for a whopping 99 cents. Feel free to provide a comment as well whether you liked it, hated it, or reacted with extreme indifference.

Download that puppy right here.

(Another hard to classify story is on the way)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Upcoming short stories.

As I promised on my Facebook fanpage, I have compiled a list of my upcoming short stories that were accepted by various magazines and anthologies for publication. Since December of 2010, I've had eight stories accepted although none of them have actually been published yet. So, here is a list along with an expected timeline based on what I was told when available. In some cases, I simply do not know beyond sometime this year:


1. “No More Goodbyes”- Sci-Fi Short Story Magazine (Mar/Apr/May 2011)


2. “Always Say Treat”- The Horror Zine (still awaiting publication)

3. “Across the Pond” –GLAHW anthology (still awaiting publication)

4. “Cubicle Dwellers” – Ghostlight (June issue)

5. “The Devoured”- Dark Deeds in History anthology ((still awaiting publication)

6. “Finally, the Source”- Denim, Leather & Silver: Legends of the Monster Hunter (still awaiting publication)

1. Soulmate Express” -Obsession anthology (Still open)

2. “Toilet Bums”- Shadows within Shadows anthology (Still open)

O Obviously it's easier to provide time-frame for magazines because they're periodicals. However, the anthologies that say "Still open" are still accepting submissions so it could be a while yet. The others have closed so that means we should be seeing them relatively soon. All appropriate links will be posted when they are published.