Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Upcoming short stories.

As I promised on my Facebook fanpage, I have compiled a list of my upcoming short stories that were accepted by various magazines and anthologies for publication. Since December of 2010, I've had eight stories accepted although none of them have actually been published yet. So, here is a list along with an expected timeline based on what I was told when available. In some cases, I simply do not know beyond sometime this year:


1. “No More Goodbyes”- Sci-Fi Short Story Magazine (Mar/Apr/May 2011)


2. “Always Say Treat”- The Horror Zine (still awaiting publication)

3. “Across the Pond” –GLAHW anthology (still awaiting publication)

4. “Cubicle Dwellers” – Ghostlight (June issue)

5. “The Devoured”- Dark Deeds in History anthology ((still awaiting publication)

6. “Finally, the Source”- Denim, Leather & Silver: Legends of the Monster Hunter (still awaiting publication)

1. Soulmate Express” -Obsession anthology (Still open)

2. “Toilet Bums”- Shadows within Shadows anthology (Still open)

O Obviously it's easier to provide time-frame for magazines because they're periodicals. However, the anthologies that say "Still open" are still accepting submissions so it could be a while yet. The others have closed so that means we should be seeing them relatively soon. All appropriate links will be posted when they are published.


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