Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where you can read me right now:

Since I have several stories available right now in various formats, I figured it might be a good idea to provide a comprehensive listing for anyone interested in reading them:

* You can read my short story "Always Say Treat" for free in the April 2011 issue of The Horror Zine, where I also happen to be featured writer.

* My very short story "No More Goodbyes" is in the April-May 2011 issue of Sci-Fi Short Story Magazine, which is available for $9.95 in print edition or $1.00 for PDF download.

* You can still purchase copies of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers anthology Erie Tales: Saturday Evening Ghost, featuring my short story, "Rosa, Rosa Come Out of Your Room" priced at $16.95 for the print edition or $5.00 for the download.

* I currently have three stories available through Kindle for 99 cents each:
"In Green, Remembered"
"Destiny & Home-Made Apple Pie"
"The Sign-Maker"

* If you're into animated storytelling with depth and humor, you might want to take a look at the two machinima films I've collaborated on with UK-based uber-genius Celestial Elf:
"The Gift" and its moodier, more philosophical sequel, "The Deerhunter."

*And of course, there's my novel, "Dreamers at Infinity's Core," which Amazon can't seem to keep on its virtual shelves. If it's not in stock again, you may also purchase the book directly from my publisher.

Naturally, there are quite a few more on the way, not the least of which is the long-anticipated second installment in the "Infinity's Core" saga. I'll update those as they materialize. In the meantime, take a look at some reviews I've received based on the work mentioned above:

Feedback & Reviews:

Horror Zine editor Jeanni Rector called Always Say Treat "highly original."

Sci-Fi Short Story editor Craig Gehring siad of No More Goodbyes, "It gripped me from the start."

A reader on Amazon said of The Sign-Maker, "Christopher seems to have the extraordinary ability to quickly develop a character and draw us into his inner struggles in such a way that what happens next becomes urgently important to us."

Another Amazon reader called Destiny & Home-Made Apple Pie a "skillfully written and very engaging tale."

Dreamers at Infinity's Core has received an overwhelmingly positive response:

" I thoroughly enjoyed...Dreamers at Infinity's Core"- Kris Kelly, CW50 Detroit Community Affairs Manager

" Recommended for those who like to play with states of reality and those who like a good adventure." SFRevu

Amazon readers wrote:

"Dreamers moves effortlessly between humor and metaphysics - one minute you're laughing; the next, you're wondering what just happened. It's like The Neverending Story, with more swearing. "

"You won't want to put the book down when the chapter ends even if you are on your 15th cup of coffee trying to stay up and finish it."

"As a writer myself, who has wondered where my characters and their situations come from, I can attest that Mr. Nadeau articulates these thoughts and at the same time explains them and makes you wonder about even further possibilities."

" I'll have you know that the sheer awesomeness of this book has left me with a non-stop erection for the past three months..."

I did not make up that last one!


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