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Ten Common Misconceptions About Libraries

Having now worked in three libraries (four if you count the other branch of one of them) I feel qualified to present a list like this. The misconceptions manifest themselves not only from the patrons who come in and out but also the new hires who have an entirely incorrect view of what working for a library will be like. The list is in no particular order of importance and is certainly not at all comprehensive.

]Trust me, for every item I include, I have left out an average of two more.

The list follows:

Libraries are quiet places where Librarians will "shush" you if you get too loud- Not anymore. Libraries transformed about twenty years ago into often bustling but rarely totally quiet gathering places with quiet areas. Also, Librarians shushing has become a rarity because so many people nowadays don't think they should be told what to do and are ready to fight about it.Nobody really goes to libraries anymore- Are you enjoying your trip to the Nineties? When you get back…

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