Wednesday, May 22, 2013

On Writing Opinions and the killing of Children(?)

Being a writer in the age of information overload is an interesting thing. People feel comfortable saying or writing whatever they want to us, partially I think because writing is no longer viewed as something that requires actual skill and training. Since anyone can do it online, what's so dad-gum special about it? I am reminded of the time Roger Ebert endured horrible insults regarding his cancer because he dared to write an article decrying the "Jackass" phenomenon and one of its stars.

For about a year, I wrote a Yahoo Voices column just for the hell of it and for the extra income, which was not bad, actually. During that time, I wrote a lot of opinion pieces, some of which still garner the occasional response. And while I didn't ever receive anywhere near the level of Ebert's diatribes, I do occasionally get a response of a negative nature.

This time, it was an article I'd written on celebrities I used to like until I found out that were right wing whack jobs. You can read the article here.

In case you don't feel like reading the article, and I wouldn't blame you as it isn't one of my best, below is the comment from the reader and my response. I have since invited him to continue the conversation on my blog:

Richard D 5/21/2013
Thank you for this list. I know now to add these celebs to my cool list. You, my friend, are a left-wing, baby-killing moron who is on my loser list.
Christopher Nadeau 5/22/2013Delete


Thanks for the validation. The fact that you felt compelled to comment on a two-year old article I didn't even remember writing fills my heart with joy. I'd love to see your list sometime. if I'm on it, that serves as further validation that I was correct. Thanks for commenting
Now, "loser" and "moron" I can handle--they might even be true--but BABY KILLER??? Where on Earth could he have drawn such a conclusion outside of his own internal voices? I'd love it if he came over and elucidated...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Surprise Praise From a Possible Relative.

It always amazes me when someone not only finds one of my more obscure stories but also finds me and lets me know what they thought of it. In this instance, the person might actually be a previously unknown relative on my dad's side, which means basically anyone with my last name. Below is the email I received out of nowhere and my response to it.

To quote Andy Sandberg quoting Nicholas Cage: "That's kind praaaaiiiiseeee."

See below:

 I recently joined GLAHW (Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers) and picked up a copy of  Ghostlight Magazine which featured your story, "The Cubicle Dwellers" which I really enjoyed.  I admit I was thrown off a bit by the asylum part at the beginning, but the character's initial acceptance and integration into the job he previously detested and the "Lovecraftian" twist in the lunchroom were very cool because I assumed that they were just going to eat him.  It reminded me of a story called, "Don't Walk" by Chan McConnell that was part of the "Still Dead" anthology by Skipp and Spector.  I was also curious as to if you were by chance related to a [Names Deleted by request]Nadeau?  They are my uncle and aunt that used to live in Michigan.

Thank you,

Hi, Mary!
Thanks so much for the kind words regarding my story. I tried to do something I don't see being done with zombie fiction, as it is not my favorite sub-genre. Nice to see I succeeded with at least one reader!
I've never actually heard of [Names Deleted by request]Nadeau, but considering how rare the last name is, I'm willing to bet I'm related to you LOL
So, who knows? A relative with similar interests might have found me through a short story about how cubicle existence is not all that indistinguishable from zombies...

Monday, May 13, 2013


While some have accused me of screwing around on Facebook too much lately instead of slaving away at my fiction writing, I've actually been holding onto my upcoming projects so I could unveil them all at once. If 2011 was the year of Getting Published and 2012 was the year of Great Introspection, 2013 is shaping up to be the year of Great Diversity.

In May and June, I will have, at last count, six short stories published. Two of them are reissues of my first monster hunter stories which originally appeared in the "Leather, Denim & Silver" anthologies by the tragically defunct Pill Hill Press. Editor  Miles Boothe formed his own publishing company out of the shimmering embers of Pill Hill, known as Emby Press.  Also from Boothe's press comes my latest monster hunter tale, "Emergence."

In addition, the long-awaited next Best of the Horror Zine anthology is coming out, this time with all original stories including my own "Willard Junction". This is perhaps my most anticipated release.

My Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers  colleague Trico Lutkins also has a publishing company, Source Point Press which is currently getting ready to publish my super-hero homage "Sergeant Freedom's Never-ending Crusade" in the Alter Egos vol. one anthology.  As if that weren't enough, Master Lutkins has commissioned me to write a comic script adaptation of that very same story which is currently in the works.

Then there's Mark Turner's Voluted Tales Magazine. Not only did he accept my short story "Fly Wielder" for the June issue, but he also found me interesting enough to be interviewed for an upcoming volume. But that's not all...

Mark has also asked me to be a guest editor of my own special issue! Soon I shall go mad. MAD WITH POWER!!!


Oh, and the film adaptation of "Floorboards" is still in the works...Told ya it was exciting! Shut up if you don't think so!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Quote O' the Week.

"Comic stores have become overrun with creepy Libertarian loners and chicks who think real human beings can look good dressed like wide-eyed pre-pubescent anime characters."

-Melissa Weaver, Facebook bud