On Writing Opinions and the killing of Children(?)

Being a writer in the age of information overload is an interesting thing. People feel comfortable saying or writing whatever they want to us, partially I think because writing is no longer viewed as something that requires actual skill and training. Since anyone can do it online, what's so dad-gum special about it? I am reminded of the time Roger Ebert endured horrible insults regarding his cancer because he dared to write an article decrying the "Jackass" phenomenon and one of its stars.

For about a year, I wrote a Yahoo Voices column just for the hell of it and for the extra income, which was not bad, actually. During that time, I wrote a lot of opinion pieces, some of which still garner the occasional response. And while I didn't ever receive anywhere near the level of Ebert's diatribes, I do occasionally get a response of a negative nature.

This time, it was an article I'd written on celebrities I used to like until I found out that were right wing whack jobs. You can read the article here.

In case you don't feel like reading the article, and I wouldn't blame you as it isn't one of my best, below is the comment from the reader and my response. I have since invited him to continue the conversation on my blog:

Richard D 5/21/2013
Thank you for this list. I know now to add these celebs to my cool list. You, my friend, are a left-wing, baby-killing moron who is on my loser list.
Christopher Nadeau 5/22/2013Delete


Thanks for the validation. The fact that you felt compelled to comment on a two-year old article I didn't even remember writing fills my heart with joy. I'd love to see your list sometime. if I'm on it, that serves as further validation that I was correct. Thanks for commenting
Now, "loser" and "moron" I can handle--they might even be true--but BABY KILLER??? Where on Earth could he have drawn such a conclusion outside of his own internal voices? I'd love it if he came over and elucidated...


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