**Updated** Stories and Poems for "The Darkness Internal"

In case you missed it, I am editing the first special issue of Voluted Tales Magazine, entitled, "The Darkness Internal." Not to toot my own horn, but that's mine (toot!). The submissions guidelines are posted down at the bottom. Here is a list of stories I've accepted so far:

1. Cause and Effect and Bad is Good by Bob Sims.

2. A Stie in the Ointment by Jacques Barbéri.

3. The Elephant in the Room by Nora Cook Smith.

4. Honed to an Invisible Edge by Gene Stewart.

5. The Last Days of Leonard Cross by Ken Goodman

6. Listen to Your Wife (Poem) by Trico Lutkins

Subs just opened this past week, so there's still plenty of time to get them in. I know I have a few writers I know personally, like Nora (above) who are dependable, but nothing is guaranteed.

Details are below:

  • Voluted Tales special editions.

    The first special edition of Voluted Tales, entitled "The Darkness Internal" is hosted by guest editor Christopher Nadeau.

    Christopher is looking for the following submissions.

    “The Darkness Internal”- Looking for stories that are outside the norm. They can be horror, dark fantasy, science fiction or even mainstream lit as long they meet the following criteria: Tales of inner darkness. Think Kafka or Phillip K Dick or any U.S. Congressional hearing. Stories should focus on an internal struggle or occurrence. Not looking for genre staples such as vampires, werewolves, and especially not zombies. More interested in tales of torment and struggle as defined by the classic “Man Versus Himself” approach to writing. Still, if you can find a fresh and exciting way to tell the story following the criteria and using those fabled beings, knock us out!

    The Darkness Internal special issue will be published in roughly two to three months, so get those keyboards burning and send Christopher a small piece of your souls!
    Submissions by email to christophernadeau@volutedtales.com


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