What a Great Thing to See When First Opening Your Email!

Dear Christopher,

Thank you very much for your submission to Miseria's Chorale: Volume
1. We are pleased to confirm we will be including In Green Remembered
in the anthology. A truly poetic, haunting piece topped off with
exceptional writing. Excellent work. It's a privilege to have you in
the anthology.

Please find attached the contract for Miseria's Chorale: Volume 1,
which we ask you to read, sign and return.

If you do not have a scanner, typing your name in the signature space
and returning the contract to us as a Word document is an acceptable

We plan to have this ambitious anthology out by October at the latest.
If it fills up quickly (which we are shooting for), you can expect an
earlier release date.

All the best,

David Nell
Forgotten Tomb Press


Who Am I? said…
Congrats. Persistance pays off.
c nadeau said…
This is the story I wrote in tribute to Annabelle.

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