Sunday, July 7, 2013

Quick Update

The last time I posted on this blog was June 11th. Sorry. I've been, like, busy and stuff. Not only with my day job but also with balancing several projects at once.

Editing News:
I am still compiling stories for the special issue of Voluted Tales I'm calling "The Darkness Internal." The response was far greater than publisher Mark Turner or I expected! For a while there, I was receiving an average of one or two submissions per day. That has slowed down, but I now have more stories than I can use in a single issue, not to mention at least two interviews and a possible feature article. So, it looks like there are going to be two special issues instead.

Comic Book News:
I just completed the comic script version of my short story "Sergeant Freedom's Never-ending Crusade," which appeared in the Source point Press anthology Alter Egos. The comic version is called "Undying Freedom" and it is, I daresay, far superior to its source material!

Source Point Press has also given me the greenlight on a special project I and my childhood friend/collaborator Toiale Johnson have wanted to write as a six-seven issue limited comic series designed to explode all known superhero conventions. There's something else going on with that publisher as well, but I'm not authorized to discuss it yet.

Publishing News:
My positive working relationship with editor (and now publisher ) Miles Boothe continues unabated as his new Press just released the Kindle version of the third monster hunter anthology to feature my work:

The print version is set to come out on or after my birthday, July 15th.


 Also, the Horror Zine anthology "Shadow Masters" has been receiving high praise. More to come!

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