While some have accused me of screwing around on Facebook too much lately instead of slaving away at my fiction writing, I've actually been holding onto my upcoming projects so I could unveil them all at once. If 2011 was the year of Getting Published and 2012 was the year of Great Introspection, 2013 is shaping up to be the year of Great Diversity.

In May and June, I will have, at last count, six short stories published. Two of them are reissues of my first monster hunter stories which originally appeared in the "Leather, Denim & Silver" anthologies by the tragically defunct Pill Hill Press. Editor  Miles Boothe formed his own publishing company out of the shimmering embers of Pill Hill, known as Emby Press.  Also from Boothe's press comes my latest monster hunter tale, "Emergence."

In addition, the long-awaited next Best of the Horror Zine anthology is coming out, this time with all original stories including my own "Willard Junction". This is perhaps my most anticipated release.

My Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers  colleague Trico Lutkins also has a publishing company, Source Point Press which is currently getting ready to publish my super-hero homage "Sergeant Freedom's Never-ending Crusade" in the Alter Egos vol. one anthology.  As if that weren't enough, Master Lutkins has commissioned me to write a comic script adaptation of that very same story which is currently in the works.

Then there's Mark Turner's Voluted Tales Magazine. Not only did he accept my short story "Fly Wielder" for the June issue, but he also found me interesting enough to be interviewed for an upcoming volume. But that's not all...

Mark has also asked me to be a guest editor of my own special issue! Soon I shall go mad. MAD WITH POWER!!!


Oh, and the film adaptation of "Floorboards" is still in the works...Told ya it was exciting! Shut up if you don't think so!


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