Friday, November 18, 2011

A Quick Look at Two Anthologies Featuring some guy named Me.

Two days ago, I received in the mail copies of two Pill Hill Press anthologies featuring a story each from me, and a whole bunch by other writers. I was a tad nervous, only because one never knows how these things are going to come out once they're "on the shelves."

Don't git it twisted, dog. That doesn't mean I wouldn't still be pleased by both the exposure and the whole getting paid for my efforts thing, but a poorly rendered product usually means very few people are going to ever read it. I was very pleased with both books, one of them in particular that exceeded my expectations!

Take a look at the covers below:

This one is one big fat-ass volume of high-quality horror tales. There's no theme except creepy and disturbing. My short story "Outside the Box" is featured inside.

And this one is a themed anthology about monsters hunters. Of the two, this one impressed me a little more, not only because it's an over-sized paperback with beautifully rendered font (although that would be enough) but also because the various tales are broken up into sections based on type of monster being hunted!

Of my short story in this one, Horror Talk reviewer Steve "Alien Redrum" Pattee wrote, "Finally, The Source barely edges out the tales as my favorite in The Monster Hunters section, if only for its fantastic 'oh shit, did you just go there?!' ending."

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