Saturday, November 5, 2011

Some Pics from the GLAHW Monster Mash for Literacy Bash

It was the first Halloween party I've ever attended and I had a ball. Below are some of the highlighted costumes, including mine. It was one hell of a turnout!

An early crowd scene with Facebook Guy & Zombie Jesus at the center.

Zombie Jesus steady pimpin'!

Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers mucky-muck Michael Cieslak (Right) as a statue or God or something posing with a fairy. (Looks like he's in pain)

Peggy Christie, another GLAHW mucky-muck, as a nurse from "Silent Hill," who also won Scariest Costume.

The fairy again, this time with someone who also looks cool.

Lorie Wallace with her throat gouged out and blood running into her ample bosoms. Wasn't it nice of her to still make it to the party after being attacked? Even without a costume, she was radiant!

Ghostlight Magazine editor Montilee Stormer (also a GLAHW upper echelon) pictured her standing betwixt Zombie Dad with Baby and good ol' Zombie Hay-Soos. She won sexiest costume...I was robbed!

And finally, here's me as...

An illiterate sign-totin' teabagger! Note the poorly worded sign, America-centric shirt, dopey look, and ummm, grey eye make-up...Also take special note of the teabag earrings, which were difficult to keep on all night!

How did I not win scariest costume!?

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