Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another Episode of "Facebook Drama!"

I've been dropped for offending people a few times, but no one ever dropped me because I made them look like a moron. Until now, that is.

What makes this more interesting is that this person is supposedly a published author who writes thrillers that take place in different periods in history. In other words, he should've known better! Below is the thread with picture included:

November 22, 1963. Remember when our President, regardless of party, could ride in an open car? · · · Share · 47 minutes ago

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    • Christopher Nadeau No, and technically neither could the one pictured above.
      46 minutes ago · · 3Loading...
    • CJ Edwards Bravo Mr. Nadeau!!
      43 minutes ago · · 1Loading...
    • David L Nelson Heck, they haven't even been able to safely go to the show since 100 years before that so I'm thinking um no?
      42 minutes ago ·
    • Main Poster: Thanks for the tasteless remark, Mr. Nadeau.
      39 minutes ago ·
    • Christopher Nadeau ‎"tasteless?" I object to that strongly. It's a historical fact. Sadly, no president since JFK has been able to sit atop a vehicle due to what happened to him. I don't remember a time when this wasn't the case, hence my comment, and using a pic of the man whose assassination made that so seemed like a bit of intentional irony to me. So no, it wasn't tasteless at all.
      37 minutes ago · · 1Loading...
    • Main Poster:‎"Object" all you want, CN. Why then did you remove the remark if you didn't think better of it? The point of the post was a remembrance of a national tragedy and your opening remark seemed to make light of it.
      34 minutes ago · · 2Loading...
    • Main Poster: Actually, your post is still there, but disappeared for a while.
      32 minutes ago ·
    • Christopher Nadeau I don't know what you're talking about. I never removed anything. However, I'd surprised you would see a comment like that as "making light." There's nothing light about the leader of the free world getting his brains blown out.
      32 minutes ago · · 1Loading...
    • Christopher Nadeau I don't remove posts. Mine of those of others.
      31 minutes ago ·
    • Christopher Nadeau ‎*or*
      31 minutes ago ·
    • Lee Sacco Perhaps it was (is?) a matter of courage? Teddy Roosevelt was shot yet continued with his speech. His book The River Of Doubt, is a testament to courage. I believe Kennedy also had that.
      26 minutes ago ·
    • Felicia Bowen Bridges I was kind of thinking it was ironic that you would say, 'Remember when they could...' and post a pic of Kennedy who died that way. In fact, was questioning the 'tastefulness' of that on the anniversary. Just sayin.
      22 minutes ago · · 2Loading...
    • Melissa Weaver I was just about to write the same thing! In fact, that's kinda where I thought Chris was going with his comment.
      21 minutes ago · · 1Loading...

    And then, just like that, I was no longer on his friend list...Thoughts?

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