Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Round-up!

Yee-hawww! Since it's Halloween, the holiday so many are a'tryin' to so hard to replace Christmas with, I thought I'd invite you to mosey on over to a few places and check out some scaaarryyyy stories from this hombre!

If you got one them newfangled Kindles, check out my non-gory tale set in the Depression called "Destiny & Home-Made Apple Pie."

And if you're one of them fancy book-learnin' types, you probably hate "Twlight," so you might enjoy this here pair-O-dee called "Dusk." (This one ain't gory neither! It's meant to be funny.)

If you're a cheapskate, you'll be glad to know they's a couple free stories available at the Horror Zine! First up is "Always Say Treat," which just got see-lected as one of the best of the year and the newly published "Flame101," which oughtta scare the britches off anybody what's ever got into a internet dee-bate!

Now, if you're real ambitious-like and don't mind readin' a buncha other folks' stuff, here's a list of scary tales that're sure to make you wet your saddle!

Read "Toilet Bums" here.
Read "Soul-Mate Express" here.
Read "Midnight Service" here.

They's plenty more but this cow-poke's tired of typin'!

Happy Halloween!

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