Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Quotes of the Day

If those losers want a Confederate license plate, let them have it. It's their money. I never, not once, saw a license plate hurt anybody. If they want to display a loser's flag, let 'em: they have a first amendment right to do so. However, a Confederate flag should not be displayed prominently at any government site: it's a treasonous flag for losers. But, since the American Civil War was a historically significant event, the idea of trying to completely whitewash any & all symbols of the Confederacy is ludicrous. The war happened, slavery was real. Let people be reminded of the losers & their treasonous symbols.

A Yahoo poster

If I see a confederate flag bumper sticker on a car I think drunk driver with no insurance...
If I see a confederate flag on a house.... Well I haven't - for one I don't live in a trailer park.

-A Really Funny Yahoo Poster

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