Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Sound of Crickets.

If the sound of crickets doesn't soothe you like it does me, you're probably reading the wrong blog right now. Not much has been happening this week in regards to my adventures in the world of getting stuff published. Instead, I've been concentrating on finishing a ghost rewrite of someone's erotica/fantasy novel and seeing to the release of the anthology I'd been compiling since May of this year, which received an eviscerating Amazon review, by the way.

It's been rather hectic. The ghost rewrite needed to be completed post haste. It was a rather stressful experience, one that over-shadowed anything else I might have been writing at the time. Without going too far into it, the book was a mess with a gem at its center and it was my job to do as much as I could in a short time to bring the gem to the surface. I like to think I succeeded, but I gits paid either way!

The anthology, on the other hand, my brainchild, finally saw the light of artificially simulated day this past weekend. Contributors were so eager to see it go live, they told me before I even knew about it!

In the midst of all that, my cover artist for the aforementioned anthology drafted me into another one of True Ghost Stories. Expect that one sometime in October if all goes well, with proceeds going to the Make A Wish Foundation.

So, not an exciting week, for the two of you still reading this post. Frankly, during my submission/acceptance frenzy, I kind of ran out of stories to send off. And since I met and surpassed my goal in months ahead of schedule, perhaps it's time to get back to my unfinished novels. Besides, there's another ghost rewrite looming on the horizon.

For now, the sound of crickets is a welcome one~

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