Thursday, August 25, 2011

Here We Go Agan!

Apparently, while my submission frenzy paid off in the form of well over a dozen short story acceptances this year, it also had the unfortunate side-effect of having created a few instances where rejection letters arrived months after someone else had already accepted them. In this case, I'm talking about a story that was accepted by Ghostlight Magazine about two months ago, and one I don't remember sending to the editor whose emails and my replies can be read below:

Hi there!,

Thank you so much for your patience with our submission process. I sincerely apologize for the wait.

I'd like to thank you for your submission to (name omitted). Unfortunately it was NOT selected for publication at this time.

In some cases you are receiving this email because your work was accepted elsewhere. I sincerely congratulate you if that was the case.

We have very limited space at (name omitted)and we truly wish we could publish and pay for more stories than I currently accept but it's just not an option. Please do not consider this a "rejection" of your work, but more of a "we'll have to pass for now".

In most cases, we try to offer a personalized response to submissions. If you have not received one, then please accept our sincere apologies for the impersonal nature of this note.

We will be opening up to new submissions for a special themed issue shortly. Please feel free to resubmit to the appropriate editor at that time.

Thank you for entrusting your creative work with (name omitted). We hope to hear from you again in the near future.

Wow. I'm a little stunned. Not only do I not recall having ever sent this story to the (name omitted), but it was accepted by another magazine months ago! I have no record of this submission.



How else would I have this in my inbox? :). Congrats on the acceptance.

Point taken LOL thanks!

I'm so glad I've slowed down on the submitting thing.

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