Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An Excerpt from my bug-related horror tale (WIP)

The other thing Rodger remembered later was the dream he had while he was passed out on the marble floor. In that dream, he was standing on top of one of the Twin Towers with flames all over the place. Overheard, there was a loud buzzing as millions of locusts hovered.

Rodger looked up into the sky and thought how awesome it would be if the locusts would follow his orders and start going after everything and everyone in their path.

So, they totally did!

It was beautiful; uber-carnage and devastation. People screamed and died and trampled each other while Rodger placed his hands on his hips comic book movie villain style and laughed his fucking ass off. So, you can image why he woke up so grumpy when he realized his moment of triumph wasn’t real.

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