Friday, September 30, 2011

Even a Negative Review is Better than Nothing.

I knew when I wrote it that my short story "The Party" wasn't for all tastes. Here is the section of the review on Tangent reviewing my story. Perhaps another case of genre types disliking anything that isn't concrete, but it's obvious the reviewer hated it:

"The Party" is another "Am I dead or not?" story, though it's pretty clear that Curt is (This type of story only has two possible answers, and to actually have a story, then the answer has to be "yes"). He's at an endless party, going around, meeting and interacting with strangers. The "cocktail party hell" trope was probably tired by the 1950s, and Christopher Nadeau does not make you long for its return. It's also voluminously unclear.

Click here for the entire review

I can console myself with the knowledge that it was one of the anthology editor's favorite stories. So be it, on to the next one~

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