Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why I am Probably Gonna Faint.

As some of you may know, my short story "Always Say Treat" which originally appeared in The Horror Zine last year was selected for inclusion in the best of collection titled "A Feast of Frights" from the Horror Zine. Editor Jeani Rector has been sending out so many drafts of this thing that I confess I didn't look at the last few, assuming they wouldn't be all that different from the ones I'd decided looked fine. However, earlier today she sent out the final drafts, and for the first time I read Ramsey Campbell's foreword and nearly fell out of my chair.

While perusing the foreword, I noticed he mentioned most of the writers by name and, naturally, I scanned the piece for my own. What I found was beyond my wildest dreams, namely praise on a level I had not expected. Here's what he wrote:

"Christopher Nadeau has a Halloween tale for us; some of the prose echoes the cadences of Bradburythe man who has made the date his ownand this vision is as dark as any that Ray ever brought us."

I might need to change my lacy under-garments...

Yep. Yep, I do~


Penelope Crowe said...

Now that is what you want to hear!
Congrats on the great words.
I was proud to be chosen for your anthology before these great words about you were written. :)

c nadeau said...

Thanks, Penelope!

Who Am I? said...

So happy for the good review. Your hard work is paying off.

c nadeau said...

You kiddin'? That thing was written in about two days LOL