Friday, March 23, 2012

Praise from Wordcraft Wednesdays.

Two days ago, I journeyed out to Macomb Community College, where I read two stories before a small but attentive audience. I knew my second story fared very well, considering the laughs it ellicited (it was a satirical piece, I swear.) Still, only a couple people approached me afterwards, although plenty asked me questions when I was finished reading, unlike the other guest writer of the day.

But you never really know what impact you had on people until someone else confirms it for you. That happened last night when Nicole Castle sent me the following email:


Wow, it was so awesome having you at WW. Both of your stories were fantastic.

I had several of my students talk about you and your work. They were quite impressed.

I hope "Dusk" gets published soon! I will definitely have you back another time!

Please email me info. about your Author Page and your blog address so I can put it on WW facebook page.

Also, info. about the Green Pen conference.

Thanks again!


'Nuff said?


Who Am I? said...

Congrats Christopher. Your hard work is paying off. Someday I will say I knew him when....

c nadeau said...

When he responded to my comment on his blog. Whatever happened to that guy? LOL