Monday, June 20, 2011

Where You Can Purchase My Digital Stories.

I've been pretty slack regarding my "promo-ho" duties this month, so here's my half-arsed attempt to remedy that situation. The following is a list of my work that is available via digital media, primarily Amazon Kindle:

"The Sign-Maker," possibly my bestselling short story about a grieving son who blames a doctor for his mother death and the vengeance he plans to get.

"Destiny & Home-Made Apple Pie," my second-bestselling short novel about a woman in the Great Depression faced with a choice that might just guide human destiny for decades to come.

"From the Bridge & Seven Other Short Stories," my first-ever short story collection featuring an eclectic mix of stories about all sorts of things ranging from the real to the imagined. This collection is also available as PDF download for non-e-reader types like myself here.

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