Friday, April 8, 2011

A Review of my Kindle Story, "Destiny & Home-Made Apple Pie"

Since I posted a review of his novella October Rain, author Dylan J. Morgan returned the favor and reviewed the above story for Amazon (Fortunately, he liked it):

5.0 out of 5 stars What is our Destiny?, April 8, 2011

Destiny is a young woman who has murdered her mother using arsenic in an apple pie. That's what we gather from the opening paragraph from this short yet very enjoyable read from Christopher Nadeau, and it sets the tone for a story that simply flies by due to its quick pacing. Living in the Depression, Destiny does just enough to get by, but when a strange man calls at her door asking for lodgings she can scarcely imagine the traumas that will come once she lets him cross the threshold.

Mr. Damage is a deformed man, a strange man, and while Destiny ignores her suspicions about him he becomes an attraction for the struggling town. At church one Sunday everything comes to a head, but what happens there is nothing compared to what will face Destiny and Mr. D when they arrive home. Eventually she will have a decision to make, a simple choice - and the consequences are dire should she make the wrong one.

Destiny, by Christopher Nadeau, is a short story filled with tension and a gripping touch of the supernatural that will, come the final sentence, leave the reader wondering what could have been if only Destiny had taken a different path.

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