Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Feedback on my short story, "Always Say Treat."

The story mentioned above, which started as a Yahoo assignment and then became a featured story read on Suspense Magazine's Halloween-themed radio broadcast in October 2010, was published by the Horror Zine for its April 2011 issue, in which I was featured writer.

I posted this on the Static Movement Press message boards since they have accepted four of my short stories for their anthologies and received positive feedback from some of the member-writers there:

"Great story, lots of suspense and a surreal mood. I like the original rhyme as well; it's haunting."

Really good story! Original and fresh. Those children really freaked me out"

I also posted the link to the Pill Hill Press boards since I have a story coming out in one of their anthologies as well and received positive feedback:

"Nice, well done!

"VERY creepy story -- I love the opening (draws you in and builds suspense right from the beginning)"

Go ahead and click the hyperlink and tell me what YOU thought, too.

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