Thursday, April 14, 2011

*Publishing Update*

At the risk of sounding like a braggart, it's been difficult for me to keep up with all the various stories I have in print or in the process of being published. I thought I'd take a moment to discuss a couple that were accepted but might not be seen for a while yet as their respective anthologies are not yet filled:

* My supposedly "un-gettable" tale of liberals and conservatives butting heads in tragic and violent ways at a coffee shop, titled, "Hawk Vs. Dove at a Coffee Shop," (Bet you never saw that coming) will be in the Static Movement anthology "Shadows Within Shadows 2," the follow-up to the first edition which features my novella, "Toilet Bums." Editor Greg Miller called "Hawk v Dove" a "GREAT story...A wonderful, dark look at the nature of political divisiveness."

* My 600-word story "So Many Nathans," which was actually written in response to a challenge, was accepted for publication in their "Dark Dispatches" war-themed anthology. Editor George Wilhite called this story a "very effective, poignant flash piece and a perfect fit."

I look forward to seeing these in print perhaps even more than some of my more easily accessible pieces. Speaking of which, if you're a Nook User, you can download the anthology pictured in the post below for a mere $5.00 and read my short story, "Finally, the Source."

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