Submission Accepted

My difficult to categorize short story about a future where the entire world consists of a single building concealing an impossible to conceal truth about how humanity's existence has dwindled to a handful of scientists was sent to SciFan Magazine a few weeks ago.

For those who might be unaware, SciFan is the new incarnation of Beyond Science Fiction, whose entire published work is collected here and Beyond Imagination, both of which featured incredible covers by my homey Larry Lonsby, Jr.

Below is the first paragraph from the letter I received from publisher Dayne Edmonson:

Dear Christopher Nadeau,

Thank you for sending us "And What's Left of the World's a Better Place for it". We love it and would like to publish it in an upcoming issue of SciFan Magazine. You should receive a notification when "And What's Left of the World's a Better Place for it" is scheduled for publication and another email when the issue containing your story is released.

Obviously I'll update on this blog once the story has been published.


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