"Dark Little Dreams" Available at the Library.

While working at one of the libraries with which I am employed, I went onto the Melcat catalog in search of something I swear had nothing to do with me. Somehow I found me anyway.

A general fantasy and science fiction search yielded a single result for a collection of short stories called "Dark Little Dreams." It sounded familiar so I clicked on the link and saw my name in the contents section:

Intellectual property / The love of a good entity / Buried in work / BuzzWord / Dr. Aljimati : professor of the forlorn sky / The fox god and the fox / Midnight and Jefe Bowman / The bone washer / The Wilds / Mousetrap / Witchy man, woman skin / Where sheep have fangs when you count them / Nevermore / Love the one you're with / My little babies
The Garden City Public Library, which  I have never visited, has the copy. It's nice to see less mainstream works containing the work of at least one local Michigan author included on their shelves.


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