Opening Paragraph/Excerpt of a New Story

I don't post these often but since the opening sentence was actually spoken by my wife, thereby sparking off a torrent of ideas and images, I thought I'd share:

Nobody really thinks about what Forever means until it’s handed to them on an ice cold plate.  Until then, it’s merely an abstract concept, a lovely three-syllable word that fills the space between song lyrics and sounds like the ultimate commitment to love and togetherness.  But Forever has a much darker side, one that takes away those we love and keeps them away no matter how much we miss them or what we’re willing to do to bring them back.  And there’s a secret about Forever, one only a few of us know and even fewer of us share: Forever comes to a stop.
Good bad or indifferent, feel free to share your opinions!
(Name-calling, unless it's really funny, will not be permitted)


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