Saturday, March 26, 2016


1.     I seem to dislike what most of you like. For instance, I despise “Game of Thrones” and barely tolerate the abject stupidity of “The Walking Dead.” I also view “The Big Bang Theory” as a fanboy minstrel show with no redeeming value.

2.     Fan theories are useless, annoying dead air that adds nothing to fandom except a format for human annoyances with far too much free time and a disturbingly over-developed love of retconning.

3.     Genre often bores me to the point where I spend long stretches wanting nothing to do with it.

4.     I regard fan fiction as an abomination. Either create your own stuff or step aside.

5.     The reasons fanboys tend to give for liking something (i.e. “Deadpool” was high-larious!) fall upon deaf ears when it comes to me. Well, maybe not deaf. I hear them. I just wish I didn’t.

6.     Taking sides in some arbitrary “war” between franchises is akin to plantation-era slavery except fanboys should know better.

7.     Cosplay is one of the primary factors in my decision to no longer attend conventions as a consumer; this is not based on a hatred of costuming in general, but a reaction to the pervasive elitist attitudes the increase in its presence has caused.

8.     I don’t believe in brand loyalty in any way shape or form. I have my preferences and my favorites, but I would never choose one or two things to the exclusion of all others. For example, while I prefer “Star Wars,” I can still enjoy “Star Trek.”

9.     I refuse to see sequels to genre films I hated just because fanboy “wisdom” thinks the first film is often a setup for a good movie yet to be made. That’s a level of compromise that relates directly to number 8.

10.  I’m not a close-minded purist. I don’t adhere to a certain version of a character or concept that’s been around for decades and then bitch when someone develops a new interpretation. I like it when my comfort zone is disturbed, which is why I had no problem with the “Star Trek” reboot or “Man of Steel” and its sequel.



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