The Undying Anthology That Refused to Die and Kept Staying Alive!!!

This anthology seems to have achieved an ongoing life of its own, and I am proud to be one of the authors whose work is included in its pages. I keep finding reviews online despite the fact that it's over a year old now. Below are a some pull quotes from a few readers  who singled out "You With Me," my contribution:
"You With Me by Christopher Nadeau: you can feel the horror coming on this one, like little flickers of light at the corners of your vision.... You don't quite want to look the whole way! Nothing prepares you for the ending, but it is a good one! Nothing says I love you quite like this!"
"You With Me by Christopher Nadeau. 4* This one reminded me of an old Stephen King collection cover from the 80's. "
"‘You With Me’ (Christopher Nadeau) is a very short tale which covers the issue of obsession and one man’s inability to cope with rejection. To say more would be a shame, but his process of dealing with it is quite grisly to say the least."


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