On Context and Them What Don't Get it.

There's a little thing I like to call "contextual comprehension," because I often like to act as if I created terminology someone else has no doubt already used. It refers to understanding the meaning behind things that are written and said. A prime example of that is how people often have no understanding of the context behind the written word, taking it at face value and completely missing the point of what's on the page or screen.

Nowhere does this phenomenon rear its hideous countenance more often than when religion and politics are being discussed. As a person who was trained to read beyond the surface, I often find it infuriating when trying to describe my reaction to something.  I long ago gave up on trying to convince others.  Nowadays, the arguments tend to result from people misinterpreting my own words because they first misinterpreted the words of the original source.

So, in keeping with the spirit of twits not grasping concepts, I present to you an exchange that took place regarding the now infamous or misunderstood picture of the Obamas at Nelson Mandela's funeral.

In order to follow the conversation below, it's a good idea to take a look at the commentary written by Andrea Peyser, which comes off like a poorly rendered stab at erotic fan fiction.  Look at the picture as well, although you've probably seen it many times by now.

For the conversation, I have edited out the offending individual's name and the names and comments of others. I think you'll be amazed at how calm I remained, considering what she called me:

Christopher Nadeau Amanda Peyser clearly has major sexual hangups.

Woman: Amanda has sexual probs, it's been blown out of proportion, and "they" need to "just stop" finding fault with this poor guy???? What is wrong with you people? Oh wait, I remember - you are complete idiots. I say you are complete idiots because only a complete idiot would continue to dig this deep for a defense of anyone that conducts themselves in this manner. Just because you support him does not - not in any way - mean that he is never ever wrong. Nobody on this planet can be as right as you complete idiots claim President Obama is.

Christopher Nadeau Interesting. Nobody on here debated the inappropriateness of Obama's actions (selfies) yet we're idiots for pointing out the words of a sexually repressed hate monger.
Yeah you have credibility.

Woman: Yes, you are one of the idiots Christopher.
You point the finger at anyone and everyone but Mr. Obama.

Christopher Nadeau Do I? I didn't realize we'd met.

Woman: I don't hate him or anything... but let's face it... he was wrong for doing this. And, I didn't realize you personally now Amanda Peyser enough to know about any sexual hangups...

Christopher Nadeau As a writing professional, I am trained to read the work of others with a critical eye. If this woman had sung Obama's praises my assessment would have been identical. This woman writes like someone e with major sexual hangups. You can practically hear her moaning over her keyboard.

Woman: So what? It does not make Mr. Obama any less wrong for doing this. In fact, if you are able to hear this woman from her keyboard, doesn't it stand to reason that Mr. Obama was doubly wrong for doing this? Are you able to admit that he was totally and completely wrong for this one thing, Christopher? It won't make him any less Presidential if any of you (notice I left out the word "idiots") would simply admit the man's mistakes.
Christopher Nadeau I honestly don't care. My concern is the abuse of the written word being used to manipulate people into stupidity. ( I included that word). It's already been verified that the various claims surrounding what was going on have been exaggerated to great effect to suit a specific agenda.
Woman: I am simply saying that Mr. Obama was totally and completely in the wrong to take a selfie with anyone at this gathering. Nothing anyone else is, or was, or says, makes that any different; and, to imply that he can't even be human without coming under attack is - in my opinion - wrong, wrong, wrong. He is the President of the United States and he should conduct himself as such - especially in public - and even more especially - at this particular gathering. If anyone here is implying that Mr. Obama did not know what kind of a person this was - as you, Christopher, have kindly pointed out and corrected me on - then he is even more wrong than I originally thought.
Christopher Nadeau I'm not sure what you mean by ". If anyone here is implying that Mr. Obama did not know what kind of a person this was." Are you referring to Nelson Mandela, the woman sitting next to him or the writer who penned this penny dreadful of presidential erotica? Either way, I'm wondering if you're aware that in many African cultures, even found most notably in Louisiana in the States, funerals are a joyous celebration of life as opposed to a mourning of death. So, am I offended and wounded by my president having a goofy, human moment. Oh, sure. it's devastating. I think I'll go write about the White House pool boy and Mrs. Obama to show my outrage.
The discussion went on but the gist of it is she never got it.



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