Saturday, March 2, 2013

Out of the Shadows emerges another Nadeau Tale!

After several attempts at finding a publisher for her latest anthology, The Horror Zine's Jeani Rector has announced the greenlight for the following project:

(Published by Imajin Books)

For those who are following along, you may recall I had a story in the previous Horror Zine antho A Feast of Frights, which actually made it all the way to the Bram Stoker Awards Recommendation List before being disquialified because it contained reprints from the Zine. Among those reprints was my Halloween story about evil children called Always Say Treat.

This time around, as Jeani writes, "Shadow Masters only contains original, never-before published fiction, not even on the ezine. Therefore, if we make it to the Stokers Recommendation List again, we cannot be disqualified."

Also, I feel the story in this anthology is much stronger than the previous one. It's possibly the best short story I've written, or at least in the top three.  Willard Junction is the title, and it's about an Old West town that feeds upon those who enter it willingly.

I'll update again once there's a publishing date.

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