Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Wonderful Rejection Letter.

Few writers ever reach the point where they don't still receive the occasional rejection, and I'm certainly nowhere near that level. But when an editor takes the god time and effort to provide not only a detailed by positive rejection based not on the story so much as its incompatability with a particular themed short story collection, it's worth sharing:

Dear Christopher,

I thank you for your consideration of "After Death…," however I have decided not to select your submission.

I appreciate the amount of time and work that you must have invested in this story, but I feel it does not quite fit the overall character of the book I'm compiling.

Christopher, technically you've written a nice story and I enjoyed reading it. It's thoughtful, interesting, and you really cover a lot of ground in your writing.

However, your story doesn't fit the theme of this anthology. I am looking for stories exploring what occurs to us after we die. Your character, Franklin, is alive and searches for meaning in the death of his daughter. His exploits are all in the realm of "the living," though he seems to transition or attempt to access other realms through use of meditation, drugs, etc. Though I understand where you're going with this, it seems to skirt the question I ask in this anthology... what happens to the soul/ spirit/ essence AFTER the human body dies.

Consider a first-hand perspective from a dead character's point of view.

What happens to your character after they die? Where do they go? What do they see? Heaven or Hell? Another universe? Reincarnation? Other spirits? Wild adventures? Etc. For example, if the Demon had killed Franklin at the beginning of the story - what would have then happened to him?

Also, just a quick thought - be conscientious of your usage of "all caps" or bold font or extra tabs (ex. "And something strange happened.") - generally emphasis should made be via italics, though more importantly by the strength of your prose, rather than the choice of formatting.

Keep writing! I am certain you will be able to find a publisher for this elsewhere.

I also read, "Always Say Treat," in the Feast of Frights - great story. I look forward to reading more material from you in the future.

Warm regards,

Eric J. Guignard


David Garlow said...

I also received a nice, thoughtful rejection letter recently and I did appreciate the time that they took to communicate with me. Can you please lose that retina destroying blue lettering?

Your fan,
David Garlow

robertswilson said...

Yeah, I had to select all the blue parts to be able to read them. I couldn't imagine trying to read all that in that color. Ouch.

c nadeau said...

Sorry, guys. I changed it to red.