Friday, February 10, 2012

Upcoming Reading Event Removes Bad Taste from my Mouth

Two years and seven days ago, our father brought forth upon this...hmm? Oh, sorry. Wrong speech.

Two years and six days ago I posted this detailing my shockingly negative experience with a representative of one of my Alma maters who wanted to bring me in to speak and read and then switched gears into a hostile diatribe that made it sound as if I somehow bore the responsibility of helping create a series of events for her.

Everyone who ran across this story, writers and readers alike, found this to be the height of insult and unprofessional-ism, thereby reaffirming that, in this rare instance, I wasn't crazy. Flash-forward to this month and a college I never attended and observe the difference in communication styles:

Me: Good afternoon, Nichole.

I was advised by my fellow Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers Peggy Christie that you were open to allowing local writers the opportunity to perform readings at your institution. I am a published writer with a novel and about two dozen short stories to my name. I have also done readings in the past and would love to do one at Macomb Community College.

Christopher Nadeau

She: Hello, Chris!
Thanks for getting in touch with me about being one of the Featured Readers at WW.
Currently, March 21 and April 18 are open. Let me know which date would work for you.
I would also ask for a short bio so I can create fliers to promote this event.
I am so excited to have you read. Thanks again!

Me Again:

Thanks for the opportunity. I hate to be a nuisance, but what time is the event? That will help me figure out which day is better. Also, is your email address a reference to the Nancy Collins Sonja Blue novels?


She once more: Oh, I'm sorry, Chris.
WW meets from 2 to 3:30 pm.
And yes, my email is in reference to Collin's Sonja Blue. I LOVE those books!!!
I think Blue is one of the greatest vampires (vampire hybrids) of all time. :-)

Yep, Me again: Nichole,

Thanks for the quick reply. In that case, March 21 works better for me, as I have a writer''s conference in April. The story I planned to bring is about 600 words long and was published in Science Fiction Short Story Magazine. It has only one mild swear and is a relatively quick read. I'm assuming we each read one piece?

Sonja Blue is, in my humble estimation, the greatest of the vampire/hybrid tales. Collins is a pioneer and sadly not widely recognized in lieu of lesser talents.


Note the positive attitude. Also note the fact that the event is already well set up. There's none of that speaking to the writer as if he's an employee of the college "we're in this together" crap. You probably can also tell she's a fan of writing in general and horror in particular, which helps in events such as this. It's refreshing to have an experience like this. Almost makes me forget the other one.

But not quite...

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