Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"I don't like it, make it end the way it already does!"

Sometimes when a writer goes for a cryptic ending, it leaves questions in the editor's mind that don't belong there. Apparently, such was the case with my recent accepted short story, "Emergence."

The story was accepted for upcoming Pill Hill Press anthology, The Trigger Reflex, the sequel to Leather, Denim & Silver: Legends of the Monster Hunter, in which my story, "Finally, the Source" appears. Without giving away the ending, there's a certain ambiguity in the first person narrative that is intended to leave the reader with a horrified, "It would be better if that character died" response. The anthology's editor thought the character died and, since narrators of first person stories can't die unless they're speaking from heaven or hell, he suggested that the story end...exactly the way it already does.

To my way of thinking, that means I need to add an extra sentence to clarify the ending a I sent those thoughts to the editor who replied:

I think you are right. A sentence or two should do the trick! We'll kick it around during edits.

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