Friday, February 18, 2011

Look closely...closerrrr...CLOSER!!!

Leather, Denim & Silver
Legends of the Monster Hunter

1. Spirit In Black by Thom Brannan
2. Antler and Eye by Kate Shaw
3. The Message of the Wolf by Gary Buettner
4. Windigo Dreams by Erin MacCallum
5. Nadya's Nights: Frost by Indy McDaniel
6. Kudzu jesus by Edward Mckeown
7. Fish Out of Water by Liam Cadey
8. Godspore by Marc Sorond
9. The Artist as Wolf by Joshua Reynolds
10. Murder In Thy Name by Elisa Ramirez
11. Ansobosam by Angela Meadon
12. The Vampire Hunter's Requiem by John X. Grey
13. Alderwood and Old Lace by Aleta Clegg
14. The Oni by Heather Whittington
15. Wolf's Paw by Chris Carter
16. The Carpetbagger by A.J. French
17. Reasons To Kill by Shelley Ontis
18. The Fullness of Your Truth by Eric Pollarino
19. Tentacles & Petticoats by Tony Garland
20. The Rookie by Jennifer Barnes
21. The Last Payday of the Killibrew Mine by John Whalen
22. Finally, the Source by Chris Nadeau
23. The Gargoyle's Curse by Mhairi Shaw
24. Weeping Woman by H.J. Hill
25. Two-For-One Chinese Special by Derek Koch
26. Capital Vices by Lisa Branter
27. The DJinn by Lily E. Roberts
28. February - Hunter's Moon by James Ossuary
29. Wolfers by Matthew Baugh
30. Black Horse Trading Company by me

These are not in the order that they will appear in in the book, and their appearance depends on the speedy return of contracts! I'll be sending contracts out over the next couple of days, so get them back as quickly as you can!

Needless to say, this will be a very large book. grin This is by design, as you may be all caught up in reading the stories, misplace your monster hunting tools, and have to thwart a surprise attack by bludgeoning the creature with the book itself. A true monster hunter is never caught off-guard. heh

Ah, sweet acceptance.

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My story could be construed as blasphemous, by the way,