What to to with this Blog.

With my recent decision/announcement to stop writing for publication, this blog has become a big question mark. What do I do with it? Do I keep it up for for others to read if they happen across it? Do I delete it? Do I continue to update it with my random and oh-so-witty and incisive observations about life and the storytelling arts?

More to the point, does anybody really care? I know people look at these posts. The one about me not writing much anymore ironically received the most views I'd had in a while. But views don't necessarily equate to reading, do theory?

More to the point, do people even care? I know my posts are viewed quite a bit. Perhaps ironically, the one announcing my decision to all but quit writing was viewed more than most have been. But views don't necessarily equate to actually reading, do they? They can, of course, but there's no way to know. I'm okay with that. If even a small percentage of those viewing these posts actually read them, I feel as if I've accomplished something.

So, maybe I should leave it up to the assumed readers.

What should I do with this blog? And please don't answer, "Whatever you want to do!"


Jacolmom said…
I think you should keep the blog to post and rant whenever you can. I love your rants! Love your writing and I am sure you have a lot of lurkers that love them too.
c nadeau said…
Well, thanks! I probably will keep it up as I deal with whatever internal crisis I'm facing.

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