What the Redneck is Wearing.

For those who read my previous post regarding the end of my submissions drought, here is a little extra info, you may recall that the editor requested a sentence of paragraph providing some detail on what the "redneck" in the story is wearing.  Here's what I sent him:

He placed his hands on his narrow hips, resplendent in his full hillbilly hunting glory.  He had on that stupid red flannel hat with the earflaps and the ripped camouflage jacket with the ripped pockets.  And under that zipped up jacket, no doubt, was that moronic T-shirt he liked to wear with the hopefully ironic slogan, "Redneck Don't Mean Stoopid."

And here's what he wrote back:

"Love it!  Thanks Chris!  Appreciate it."

There, now the redneck attire mystery has been solved!


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