Father's Day.

Every year, I have to be reminded when it's Father's Day. I'm not a father (unless you count my two dogs, which I don't) and my own father died more than two decades ago. My wife's step-father died over a decade ago and her biological father died as well.

It's been so long since my dad died, I don't even remember celebrating Father's Day when he was alive.  I do have a few fuzzy recollections of dinners at mid-priced restaurants and, frankly, he was lucky to get that much.

On Facebook I see memes and posts celebrating dads worth admiring and looking up to.  Even assuming a small percentage of these are exaggerations, I'm sure most of them are not. I didn't have a dad to admire.  I loved him but he didn't know the first thing about being a father. Whenever I finish my autobiography, those who are interested will have an even clearer idea why.

However, for those individuals out there with dads worth posting about positively, worth admiring and bragging about, know this: You are far more fortunate than even you know. Some of us had wisecracking sperm donors for fathers. And while he is definitely missed, were he alive today, "Happy Father's Day" is just about all I would be able to manage~


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