Thursday, November 8, 2012

An Unexpected Review.

I ran across a message board discussing the Smart Rhino Publications' first anthology, "Zippered Flesh", which contained a short story by yours unruly. The moderator wrote the following:

"Oh, baby! Just finished Christopher Nadeau's "You With Me" and it's a doozy. I gotta pick up more of this guy's stuff.

Like I mentioned before, I hate to reveal much because these are short little nuggets of stories and every detail is best discovered by the reader, but I will say this; I got a little Human Centipede vibe with this one. Not that we meet a guy making people into some weird new breed of combined pieces of human, but rather a story that involves a crazy obsession. A mad scientist idea run amok.

I've said too much already..."

There is no greater praise than that.

Click here for the entire thread.

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