Friday, December 2, 2011

Publishing Update.

A few more anthologies featuring my work have been released. Check 'em out below and junk:

Volume two in the Pill Hill Press Monster Hunters series,(Volume I included a story by me as well) this one features "Emergence," my tale of a driven mutant hunter whose obsession blinds him to the real danger waiting in the shadows.

Two of my flash fiction pieces appear in this Open Casket Press anthology, the second one to accept my work. (The first one is below)

Never one to shrink from a challenge, I saw this one advertised and had to try for it. My story "Midnight Service" about a hapless pizza delivery guy who's tied up and forced to watch an insane minister try to bring back his savior using zombie black magic appears in this one.

And in my apparent ongoing bid to refute my claims that I don't write zombie fiction, (see above) my ZOMBIE cannibalism tale "The Devoured" appears in this lovely Static Movement anthology.

And finally, one that just recently closed that features my short story "So Many Nathans." I included it because I thought the cover was cool:


Who Am I? said...

Let me say in a rather patronizing way that congratulations are in order on your ndefatigable contribution to the literary world this year.

c nadeau said...

Scanning for sarcasm...