Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pics from my two recent speaking engagements

I appeared at the Downtown Main Branch of the Detroit Public Library two Saturdays in a row with my fellow Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers to discuss first the creative process and then getting published. See if you can tell which pic was taken on the day I was told I'd be speaking five minutes before the event started:

Oh, look. I have a power-point presentation and am looking down as if reading from prepared comments.

Hmm. Not looking quite as relaxed as before...

UH-oh, he's leaning on the podium, desperately seeking to establish eye-contact in order to compensate for a total lack of preparation!

Opening line:
Me: Hello.
Audience: Hello.
Me: That's about all I came prepared to say today so bear with me.

Of course, I was told it sounded like a prepared speech. A good time was had by all~


Who Am I? said...

I've seen that "say what?" expression on your face before. However, you seem to be at home in your skin in the publishing industry and I'm sure that helped carry the day.

c nadeau said...

I do love discussing the topics.