Monday, February 8, 2010

Addendum to Previous Post

Since I chose not to burn bridges with the woman whose job I refused to do in order to have a reading/book singing at the college where she works, she actually sent an email leaving the door open for Fall if I'm still interested.

I am nothing if not a hardball player when it comes to a professional sleight, and so I chose not to respond. After all, my previous reply had been a signing off and disengaging of the conversation. I was not going to grovel. Let her wonder what might happen in Fall, although judging by her disconnected attitude, I doubt it remained in her mind long enough to register a complete thought. She is already onto the next thing designed to make her college look good.

In the meantime, I wound up at a writing workshop and book signing this past Saturday where I did indeed sell a few copies of "Dreamers at Infinity's Core" and gather some useful information. My colleagues and I (y'know, the ones I was supposed to pester for their alma maters in order to be granted the opportunity to appear at mine?) made some good connections as well.

Perhaps I will revisit the idea this Fall, although it will be done on my own terms if I do. I have other avenues to explore there and just might do that before dealing with this individual again.

Life goes on and I keep writing about it~


green said...

Good for you. Never let 'em see you sweat.

ca nadeau said...

yeah it's too bad what happened but other things are happening right now.