Thursday, April 30, 2009


My friend and colleague Nora Cook Smith often talks about Googling herself. I giggle like a sheltered Mormon teen every time she says it because she makes it sound so dirty (sorry, Nora). However, not to be outdone, I decided to do some self-Googling as well. I found that my name seems to be synonymous shall I put it? Interesting individuals...yeah, that's it.

Here are some examples:

Excerpt: Christopher MacLeod, of 17A Oliver St. in Hudson, and Christopher Nadeau, of 20 Tanglewood Way in Merrimack, were initially charged in May following an undercover police investigation called Operation Spring Cleanup.

Excerpt: [Christopher] Nadeau was accused in the death of 2-year-old Zoe Zimmerman, of Stafford, according to court records.

Excerpt: (My favorite) With Maine's spring turkey season over, an interesting situation is developing over who can claim the state record wild turkey. Thus far, two hunters have stepped forward with truly braggable birds, with statistics that appear to eclipse previous state records.

The two hunters are Christopher Nadeau, a U.S. Navy Petty Officer from Brunswick, and Mark Norwood of Trenton.Nadeau, a bow hunter, was hunting in Wells.

And finally,

Excerpt: Members of the NGLBTCC event's committee include Burkett, David Lazarus, Christopher Nadeau, Angie Petty and Toni Pack

I assure you I am not a drug dealing, child murdering, turket shootin' gay teen! I've never shot turkeys or attacked a child in my life!!!


American Guy said...

at least you may be able to break through the clatter. I share a name witha professional basket ball player and some crazy self-promoting motivational speaker. Yuck

Who Am I? said...

My, that is some googling there my friend. My personal favorite is #1. I especially love the "Operation Spring Clean-Up" thing. You never know though, those two may have been just filling a need. I have a family member who went to the streets to score some antibiotics because he doesn't have health insurance and can't afford doctor visits. At least that's the rumor circulating. As soon as your book hits the stands there will be a kinder gentler Chris Nadeau on Google - at least until they check out your characters. LOL

green said...

OOOH, the first search result article was from the Nashua (NH) Telegraph! That's the city where I used to live! You should have told me you were coming to town for a visit!!!