Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Biggest idiot in the public eye. He’s no longer in the public eye what with the prison sentence and the potential buggering and all, but Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is my choice. Had it all and blew it with his wanna-be-a-gangsta antics, embarrassing a city and anyone who looks like him in the process.

Funniest thing you’ve heard in a long time. Air America, the only radio network for us godless commie liberals, has the Stephanie Miler show in the morning, which is 1 part shtick and 3 parts funny. The guy that does all the voices did a skit where Sara Palin was hunting grizzly bears from her chopper and wound up shooting Boo-Boo, prompting Yogi to go on a righteous killing spree.

Most ridiculous belief system.
It’s a habit of mine to study crazy dogmas out there but most of you won’t know what I’m taking about so I will keep my choice mainstream and simple: Suffice it to say Mormons will always be safely in the number two spot so long as Scientology is around.

Biggest culprit in the dumbing down of America. Rather than a single person, I blame a thing: Reality TV.

One group of people you can’t help but be prejudice against. Blue collar (redneck) conservatives. I really can't help it. There is no group of people more damaging to the national good and I can't respect their choice.

Worst. Job. Ever. Imagine yourself on a bus full of environmental weirdoes heading into a blue collar town that thinks it’s not a blue collar town, trapped there for 8 hours walking door-to-door with a well-meaning Canuck trying to solicit donations for clean water and you might come close to knowing my pain.

One book, excluding the Bible, you can reread several times. NOT THE BIBLE! Vonnegut’s “Breakfast of Champions.” I be readin’ dat all da time ‘cause it be teachin’ me shit like how to be literateness…

Your secret, unrealized dream. This is my first time revealing this, but to act in the filmed versions of some of my novels. You can laugh now.

Current workplace crush, yes or no? Yeah, every five feet. Every six inches during lunch. They can't help themselves! I'm a walkin' tri-pod of manly goodness...and possibly one of only five straight males out of a hundred who looks like he bathes on a regular basis.

Whatcha currently reading? Any good? Just started a collection of Truman Capote’s essays. His imagery and ability to capture moments like snapshots suspended in time is incredible. He is truly an underrated master craftsman, which is superior to being a master baiter in the fishing industry.

Ever been sexually harassed at work? it is possible to be harrassed when you encourage the behavior?

Ever sexually harassed anyone at work? Never. it usually happened to me first.

The nature of God in seven words or less. Schiphrenic. Whimsical. Insane. Sadistic. Megalomaniac. Oprah.

Ever experimented with drugs? Nope. I saw the prize winners around me who got high and wanted nothing to do with them.

Alone or coupled off, which is preferable? Can't I have both?

The one movie you can relate to most. Donnie Darko. See it then ask me why.

One medication you can’t live without. Excedrin. The miracle pill. Without it, I would skid home in my own vomit thanks to chronic migraines. Still, I'd save a lot on gas, wouldn't I?

Your favorite article of clothing you currently own. This is a trick question...I don't own any clothes.

Most annoying song.
"Walking on Sunshine" which sends me into a blind rage. Anything by Maroon Five runs a close second.

Least favorite holiday and why. Easter. Holds no meaning for me and I still remember the dry, itchy suits and hot churches thanks to all the people being there who didn’t normally go to church.

Anyone interested in using this list on your own blogs feel free. We're all one community helping and caring for each other until my book comes out and I start forgetting all you sone of bitches ;)


Priscilla said...

"Worst job ever"...Did you used to work for clean water action? if so hahahahahahahaha!

"Unrealized dream"...acting in the film version of your books, no kidding I've had the same day dream like that fat chick from Greek Wedding (but not fat, lol).

You know I have to take exception you your dislike of Maroon 5, their latest album wasn't that great, but their first album is and ever will be my favorite album of all time.

ca nadeau said...

Yes, it was Clean Water Action. Laugh away.

I heard the first Maroon Five CD from beginning to end. Dreadful, sinply dreadful.

green said...

I semi-agree with your assessment of the most ridiculous belief system. If Mormonism is second to Scientology, it aint by much.

It's not surprising that your least favorite holiday is Easter. A thoroughly Christian holiday commemorating the single most important event in world history.

No Easter, no Christianity.

I hate it when that happens. D'OH!!

Priscilla said...

you make me sad...

ca nadeau said...


it's debatable whether or not a Bibilical tale that cannot be proven was the single most important event in huyman history, but it certainly has a few stragglers who buy into it ;)


Why so sad?

noracs1975 said...

I gotta agree with you about reality television but anything by the Chipmunks could be used at Guantanamo Bay instead of water boarding. As a Christian I do love Easter (more than Lent) but chocolate crosses should be outlawed. Give me a break. How incongruous.

ca nadeau said...

Is that you, Nora??? :)

noracs1975 said...

It's me.